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Selected animations, 2020-22

Animations are another core part of my commission work. My partner Aaron Ross and I create these videos together. I illustrate the designs digitally and Aaron adds the motion, sound and edits the films. Collage and footage-based animation is another area we specialise in. These animations always have an ecological focus.

Our clients include WWF, Irish Parks and Wildlife Committee, Natural Capital Ireland, Capitals Coalition, Department of Agriculture and An Forúm Uisce. 

People Enjoying Bog.JPG

Irish Peatlands Series

In 2021 and 2022 we worked with the Irish Parks and Wildlife Services for the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage to deliver a three part animation series on Irish peatlands.

   Culture and Heritage of Irish Peatlands  

   Biodiversity of Irish Peatlands  

These videos highlight the part Irish bogs play in the fight against climate change, the biodiversity that Irish peatlands nourish and the culture and heritage our bogs have cultivated. 

We maintain regular dialogue with our clients throughout the process, often clarifying research we have undertaken for a particular scene or sequence of drawings. 

   Irish Peatlands and Climate Change  

WWF Untangled: Planet Plastic

Animation for WWF Untangled series which aims to break apart environmental issues and make them more accessible. We created the blueprint for this animation series in collaboration with WWF UK, which is now adopted by other branches of WWF worldwide. 

Capitals Coalition

In 2022 we worked with Capitals Coalition creating a pair of animations. The first is a collage-based animation giving an overview of the Coalition and what they do.  We felt a pared-back, simplified design would effectively communicate the content of the script. 

The second is an illustrated animation going into more detail on the Capitals Approach. The two contrasting styles maintain a similar colour palette, showing that they are two parts of the same story. 

Natural Capital Ireland


Videos on natural capital for Natural Capital Ireland, our first joint animation client. Our process begins with storyboarding the animations, at which point the client has a lot of say over the direction and content of the videos. 

Our animations require consistent research throughout the process - of particular animals, ecosystems, processes and theory. 

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