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Spoon and Bloom

Spoon and Bloom seeks to protect the uncultivated and the untamed, manifesting a utopian vision of nature in abundance and how we can live happily within it.


This project is a collaboration between Annie Mar and Aaron Ross and Gleann a'Phúca, built on the Glen River Park and surrounding community.

Glen Map.jpg


Spoon and Bloom works in two stages. Initially we are hosting a series of public engagements with local Glen-goers: drawing and map-making workshops. This information will be shaped into an animation celebrating the biodiversity and cultural richness of the Glen River Park, due to launch at a symposium on World Rivers Day September 2024.


In October 2023 we invited people to talk about the routes they take around the park, mapping out individual spots of significance. These sessions were fascinating, as people layered their own histories onto the many shapes the space has taken over the years. 

Dog's Nose View Poster.jpg

A Dog's Nose View

Our next session focused on a dog's experience of The Glen. We invited dogs and their walkers to come to a drawing session, following their dog's nose around the park and drawing what sparked their interest. 

We made zines for the groups to fill with their interactions as they walked through the park. We then came together to talk through the routes taken, and hear stories of the dog's in the group. 

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